Four Harmful Elements Air Conditioners Protect Your Art Collection From

Art is a great way to make our lives better. Whether it’s a painting, a sculpture, or a large printed photograph, art is an amazing addition to any residence. That’s why there are so many people who dabble in various art forms as a way to hone their passion and creativity. Meanwhile, there are other people who also invest a considerable amount of money to buy artwork as a form of investment. Whatever the reason may be, these pieces of art should be protected at all costs. A good way to make that happen is to install a dependable air conditioning system in your home.

Basically, AC units function by absorbing the warm air inside a room and making it cooler. This effect will make your surroundings a lot more comfortable to work or live in. Plus, all of your belongings will be protected too by various harmful elements that seek to do them harm, granted your air conditioners are in good working condition. If it’s not, you can call on a trusted aircon repair service Singapore to help you out. Your art collection, for instance, will also enjoy a degree of protection that will make it last longer. As such, here are four dangers air conditioners will protect your artwork from.


First and foremost, dust is a common occurrence in any property. An increased presence of dust would only mean harm for your art collection, it’s also very bad for your skin and lungs. This harmful element can cause your paintings, sculptures, and other artwork to deteriorate faster. Once this happens, you’ll slowly see these art pieces deteriorate.

As a remedy, air conditioners will help lessen dust in your place. That’s because an AC unit uses air filters to remove a significant amount of dust. In this way, the air produced by an AC unit will be more cleaner.

Direct Sunlight

The light coming from the Sun can be good for our bodies, especially for the growth and development of our bones. It’s a different matter for your art collection. Placing an art piece directly in the path of the Sun’s rays can ruin their finish. Aside from placing them somewhere else, air conditioners lessen the damaging effects of sunlight on these items. This is done with the help of a cooler air produced by your air conditioner.


Humidity is defined by the increased presence of water vapor in the air. Staying in a humid room feels like all of the moisture from your body is being absorbed. This is also the same case for your art collection. A humid room will affect your art pieces, especially those made of wood. Plus, mold will grow faster if a room is more humid than the usual. Using an air conditioner will counter the effects of humidity. Plus, it also stops the growth of mold in any room it’s placed in.

Excessive Heat

You might not know it but heat also affects inanimate objects as much as our bodies. The most common cause for heat to accumulate inside a room is not placing enough provisions for ventilation. Without proper ventilation, excessive heat won’t find its way out of a room. An air conditioner will easily solve this problem and provide a way out for the ambient heat inside a room. This will result in a better storage for your art collection.